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Sandra Liberoo and Jean(JJ) Verstappen and daughter Tessa

Moved to Roblin, Manitoba Canada

JJ is now self employed, and has a Landscaping & Carpentry business called "Landscaping & Capentry by JJ"

Sandra is in the process of opening a Soup business called "Sandra's Savoury Soups".

Immigrated on July 14th 2008
Moved from a small Belgium town.
Sandra has 12 years experience working in Homecare in Belgium.

Why did you decide to immigrate and why Parkland, Manitoba?
Sandra and JJ visited an Aunt in Ontario and decided that they would like to move to Canada. They attended a immigration fair in Belgium and were impressed at what the Parkland had to offer.

How did moving to this community change your life?
When we first moved it was stressful because of all the changes, this included changing jobs and moving to a new place. One big change we noticed was the better school experience for our daughter Tessa.

What did you find most challenging?

When we first arrived we missed our families. It was a challenge to get accustomed to the weather and the different climate. The communities in the Parkland are very tight knit and it was a challenge to become involved and to meet people.

What do you do to become involved in the community and meet new people?
We wanted to get involved in the community so Sandra Volunteered at Dance, the Skating club and at the Elementary School. By spending time in Roblin it was much easier to meet people. We also contacted Doris Schmitt Laroche, the Immigration Service Coordinator in Roblin and then met many different people because of her.

What is it that you like about the area-Community,services available, the people and so on?

We are very impressed with the schools and education, the teachers are more involved and Tessa our daughter is doing great. We love living at the Lake of the Prairies and are friends with many very nice people.

What would you tell someone from another country that was thinking about moving here?
We would tell them to carefully plan the immigration and visit prior to moving. Make sure that it is something you want and consider all the change it will bring. Have someone from Parkland Immigration work with you; this will make it much easier to know more about the area, its people, and services that are available for you.