Parkland Immigrants

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10 Steps to Move

Take advantage of your waiting period by doing things that will make it easier for you to get established once you arrive in Manitoba.

1. Familiarize yourself with values, laws, your responsibilities and the rights you have as a Manitoban.

2. Take English classes in your country of residence.

3. Find out where you can stay upon arrival.

4. If you're arriving in winter make sure you have warm clothing.

5. Choose the Manitoba community where you will settle; research online the housing market.

6. Plan your job search.

7. If your intended occupation is a regulated trade or profession contact the regulatory body to find out what you will have to do to get licensed or certified.

8. Go online to research or make connections with professional, social, recreational, cultural groups.

9. Gather documents

10. Contact the Settlement Coordinator and inform of your arrival date